3 Things you should be asking yourself when selecting a carpet cleaner

Whether it be because of previous horrible service or because you couldn’t get a thorough clean, you might find yourself looking for a carpet cleaner. And when doing so you need to be sure that you select the right person to get your money’s worth. So here are some questions you should be asking yourself when doing so.

What products are they using?

Finding out beforehand about on sort of products your carpet cleaning berwick provider uses is an essential factor more than you think. Most cheap products with chemicals in them would be sure to provide you with a quick solution to your dirt problems, but they would also be sure to leave your carpets looking like drag cats that have no fur left on them, after sometime. In addition to that, these chemicals may also be quite harmful for your family and pets. So make sure that the products they use are eco-friendly and safe. If they intend on using soaps and detergents to clean these rugs, do find out about it as well. Ask them how they plan on cleaning it thoroughly because it could leave your carpets stiff and more prone to dirt attracting at end the of the day. Therefore, think of even the smallest details before signing up.

What sort of tools do they use?

There are different ways through which these cleaners could use to offer their services. While some use the ‘dry method’ others tend to use the ‘wet method’. And depending on the method that is used the tools and final outcomes would differ a lot. You should also know that most established cleaners don’t exactly recommend the dry method, specifically because it doesn’t really do a thorough clean. therefore, even if you decide on going through with wet method, you need to be careful because sometimes you might only end up with a wet carpet that is cleaned but not really cleaned. Depending on the tools these providers have the wet method would work at its best. So when selecting a cleaner it helps a lot to understand for how long they have been operating in the industry.

How good was the customer support?

It is only obvious that you would first ring up the service provider to find out details before signing up with them. So use this as an opportunity to understand how well they communicate with you. If they are professional and as good as they claim to be, they would be sure to help you with the best of services and support. The way the telephone conversation goes would also help you identify and judge this factor. So pay close attention!

Ask yourself the above and find the perfect service provider to work with!