‘Green’ to apply its relaxing flavor on stressed minds

Ever heard of color psychology and its magical powers to heal souls? Ever thought each color we get to see and admire or hate has a different meaning embedded to it? And, that the preference for a particular color or the dislike tells a lot about a personality of an individual? Some of you must have, some of you, surely do not. If you are a ‘green’ person, then this article is for you.


Green can be called as the color for balance and harmony. Color psychology says that green is a perfect balancer of the heart and feelings of a human being. That undoubtedly says about the balance between the heart and the mind, which we are desperate to have in the current society. Green is also about rejoice. It implies the sense of growth and renewal. This is exactly why we call green to be the matching color if you are stressed and tired, because it really does have a healing power that could bring back your energy and make you refreshed. Experts say this is why naturally, we are blessed with so much of green on this earth, and this statement, as to date, questions its validation anymore, because the world is less green today to how it was long time back.

So going on with the innovations and technology, we have artificial greenery in many forms. May it be the green trees and plants or the grass, everything has been made possible, thanks to the new findings. The best thing about these initiatives is that whatever the climate you may face, whatever the type of soil that you have, you do not have to worry about these artificial greenery, because once you invest, you have them on your own- not for a short period of time, but for a longer duration.

Here are some artificially green ideas for you to try out;

Artificial lawns

Gone are the days where you had to search for good types of grass for your lawn area or the roof top garden amidst of your busy schedules. Now it is a matter of reading some articles and exploring about carpet grass Singapore and have your dream lawn- fully green and tidy. Without any hassle, your mental relaxation will be there with the perfect green and the tidiness. With lawns comprised of carpet grass, your mental relaxation will not be disturbed by any of the factors such as soil, erosion, foot traffic, diseases or even the weather.

Artificial trees and plants

Artificial plants are now contemporary. They are sturdy enough to withstand any weather condition and resist for years long, adding a value to the investment. You may look for UV protected trees and plants if you are interested and often, these are made out of plastic blend materials to have that live effect in them.