How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Java

If you are obsessed with drinking caffeine (and not just any caffeine, but the good kind), then you have come to the right place. Because bad tasting brew will probably just ruin your whole day. I am sure that everyone out there has their own way to brew a pot of tasty java but have you ever wondered how to get it absolutely perfect? Well here are some useful tips and tricks to get your caffeine to another level entirely:


Good Beans

The first step to good caffeine is obviously to have good coffee beans. There are various types of beans from all over the world. Some are the cheap kind that they serve at almost all the diners around town. And some are the expensive kind, such as the bean extracted from the Faeces of the Sumatran cat called a Luwak. Yes, I said faeces. But hey, you will never know if you like it if you do not try it, right? So give it a shot, if you can afford to that is. Try different coffee beans from different regions and cultures. Only then will you taste the difference in the beans themselves.

Freshness and Storage

It is vital that you store the beans in an air-tight container. Because if the container is not vacuum tight then the smell of the powder or beans will just keep seeping out until eventually, the java is flavourless. Also it is best to always try and buy the beans fresh and roast them yourself if possible. If you cannot do that then buy the fresh powder and store it in a well-sealed jar. And do not keep opening it unless necessary.


The Water

This might seem like a no-brainer but the wrong kind of water can actually ruin your coffee. You cannot just use normal tap water that has chlorine or a metallic aftertaste to it. All those crazy caffeine connoisseurs actually use bottled spring water when they want a perfect pot of caffeine. This is not exactly environmentally friendly though. But if you really want good brew just try out the java made by xtracted coffee machines because they make some really good java.

High-Quality Filters

Sure you can get caffeine filters for a cheap price but that means your caffeine is going to taste cheap too. A lot of java aficionados suggest using dioxin-free paper or oxygen-bleached filters to get better tasting caffeine that does not leave a bad flavour in your mouth. No filter is ever going to be perfect, but get a good filter and you will definitely notice the difference in your caffeine.


So now you know how to get your caffeine to taste excellent. It might still take you quite a few tries to perfect your brew but with the nuggets of information I have bestowed on you, it is unlikely that will have to endure more bad tasting espresso for any longer. Remember that making a delicious cup of java can be as simple or as complicated as you make it, and happy brewing!