How to Celebrate Your Best Friend’s Wedding

If your beloved best friend is about to tie the knot, no doubt you are exhilarated at the moment! A wedding is such an incredibly exciting affair to all parties concerned. The tips that are detailed in the article below will help you as you try to make your friend’s special day, even more special.

Offer your help

You know already that your friend is deeply hassled by the amount of work that needs to be done before the wedding! Not many brides or grooms will be able to tell you that they were not stressed out during the wedding planning phase! So try as much as you can to be there for your friend and offer your help. Be available to assist whenever they ask you for support. This is indeed one of the greatest gifts that you will be able to give your friend on the wedding day!

Offer financial support

If you have the means, do try to help your friends out financially and that will be greatly appreciated for sure. You can talk to your friends and decide to pay for a special wedding service provider like the band or the photographer. Even if you can’t cover full payment, even a partial payment will be well received by those who are getting married.

Buy a thoughtful gift

A thoughtful present will indeed warm the heart of your friends so try to think creatively and out of the box. If you can shops selling Scandinavian furniture Singapore has, you will be able to find some exquisite designer pieces that you will be able to gift for your friend. Even a small ornament will do if you know your friend’s unique needs and preferences. Make sure you research well and pick something that is nice and unique. Your friend will remember you for as long as the gift that you picked is in their house! You can always ask your friend to give you suggestions if you don’t really know what to buy. If the friend has a wedding gift registry, it will be easy for you to pick a gift for sure!


Add quirky fun to the ceremony

You can make your friend’s wedding ceremony even more special and unique by adding some quirky fun to the event. Try choreographing a dance performance to surprise the friend if you like. You can sing a special song, give a funny speech or even hire a set or drummers to make everyone hit the dance floor at the end of the ceremony!

Hope you manage to find ways to make your friend’s wedding day truly extra special!