Innovative Interior Designs for your Home

Every one of us dreams of a perfect dream house. Some of us only have a simple dream house while most of us dream of a fancy house with advanced technology and innovations. There are a lot of technological innovations that are applied to some of the best houses in the world.

There are a few examples of simple yet innovative home and interior ideas you can apply in your dream house that is unique and functional.

Under stairs Storage

One of the most unused parts of our houses is the under stairs. It can actually be organized to form storage cabinets that maximize space compared to on display shoe racks and side cabinet tables that occupy most space in the living room. These under stair storage cabinets can be used to store items that clutter around the living room which will make a cleaner and spacious home. It can be a good storage for items that are tucked almost everywhere, making it a cosy home to live in.

Bookcase Staircase

Bookcase staircase does not only look good but also a very smart use of space. This is an ideal home innovation especially for book lovers with a limited home space to build a library. Library in your staircase is the answer. It’s a very smart idea and at the same time, eye-catching and functional stairs that are perfect for a bibliophile or a bookworm.

Customized Home Elevators

Customized home elevators can be built and installed according to your needs and preferences. You can decide if you want an artistic or modern design for your home elevators. All of it depends on your choice and budget. If you want to work on a budget, you can ask home lift cost Singapore for more options that will be suitable for your budget. You have lots of options to choose from, be it innovative or artistic. Birdcage and panoramic glass lifts are the most common types. Home elevators are very helpful and a lot easier to use than the traditional stairs.

Revolving Book Cases

These revolving bookcases are not just a simple bookcases but also functional revolving wall dividers. It is a simple yet space friendly home innovation. The revolving bookcases can uncover another room or space that can either be a secret bedroom or living room. It offers more room for entertainment or a perfect hideout for a peaceful alone time with your favourite books.

Multifunctional Bed

This amazing bed does not only look super cool but also is super functional. The multifunctional bed comes with a lot of special features that will surely make you stay in your bed all day. It has plugs and USB cables for phone and gadget charging, a built-in speaker for your music, a massage chair where you can have your muscles massaged and relaxed, a laptop table you can use for work or entertainment while still on the bed, side bookcases for your favourite books and a lot of storage under the mattress for extra pillows, bed sheets and pillow covers. You will surely love this state of the art bed.

That is just some of the artistic and functional home innovations you can apply to your dream house. All of these will not only add to an amazing interior but will also be a very useful part of the house.