Redecorating a Boys’ Bedroom

Tired of the superhero-themed bedroom? Has your son outgrewhis kid-inspired room? No worries, Mommies, as there are young man-themed bedroom ideas that you can use.

Nautical Decor

Does your son adore the sea? If so, why not try a nautical-inspired theme in his bedroom? Maximize the classic white and blue palette that is commonly associated with nautical themes. Incorporate thin blue stripes in bed sheets and pillow cases. You can also spice up his room by creating a mahogany study table with marine varnish, similar to that of a yacht’s. Use the world map as the bedroom’s wallpaper to add up to the sailor feels. Miniature ships and anchors could also be put on display and then, top it up with a sailor’s hat.

Football Fanatic

If your son is a football fanatic, you might want to conduct a bit of research about his favourite football team. This would essentially dictate the bedroom’s colour scheme. Go for a red and yellow palette if he is into Manchester United or with blue and white if he is an Everton fanatic. Decorate the room with football-themed lights and pillows, that matches well with the football armchair and foot stool. Consider adding grass carpet to create a replica of a football stadium. Brighten up the walls by displaying posters of his favourite football player. Finally, do not forget to flaunt that inflated football ball of his.

Galactic Space

Taking the galactic approach would exude an amusing yet sophisticated way of redecorating a boys’ bedroom. Use a constellation lamp to give the room a galactic glow. Install galaxy-themed wall decal so your son can marvel at the vast universe. Show off your genuine meteorite pieces and constructed spacecraft models by displaying them on the tabletops or book shelves. Place a Celestron Telescope by the window to allow your son to gaze at the stars at night. A moon or nebula rug would also do the trick of bringing the galactic space in your son’s room.

Musically Inclined

Does your boy have a knack for music? Is he a gifted pianist or an enthusiastic drummer? Redecorate the room by flaunting all the musical instruments that he can play. Jazz up the walls with sketches of music sheets and playful musical notes. Hang framed cover albums of his favourite soloists or bands. Personalize the room with music quotes. Complete the look by adding up miniature musical instruments that could be paraded on his table.

There are several options to choose from. Once redecorated, your young man will definitely love his amazingly redecorated bedroom!