What are commercial cleaners

If you are planning to hire a commercial cleaners,  you should also know that there are two types of cleaning services. Commercial cleaners are basically  cleaning services for big building and the equipment’s and techniques are quiet different as well. You may also come across domestic cleaners, which is for a small home or even an apartments.  The equipment’s and the techniques are quiet different that the commercial cleaners as well.  The types of location for commercial cleanings are hospitals, office premises, retail stores, airports, supermarkets and schools. However the machines that the cleaners use for these huge buildings are quiet expensive and powerful too, since they have to cover a larger space.

Professional commercial cleaning servicesbasically operates at off peak hours in the building, since there will be lest crowd and its much easier to clean since they will have to move the huge machines here and there. However they also special techniques for hospitals and restaurants. They have to comply with special health and safety standards for such locations.

Carpet Cleaning in commercial buildings

When it comes for carpet cleaning in huge buildings the cleaners will be using a vaccum that has a much higher pressure to reach the deeper layers in the carpet and takes the dust off. They basically use two  methods like Steam cleaning. This method basically sprays the water onto the carpet along with the soap. The dirty water gets vacuumed up and it takes all the dirt and debris from the carpet. However this is one of the effective ways to  get rid of the dirt and the dust from carpets and its commonly used in commercial areas which has high cleanliness. Dry Cleaning is also one of the methods that’s used to take the dirt off the carpets. Its basically a low moisture vacuum that takes the stains and the dirt off and it can also cover large spaces quickly.

Hard floor polishing

When it comes for domestic cleaning, we mostly use mops and hand buffers, however when it comes for bigger buildings the cleaners will have to use machines to cover large areas. They basically use a variety of machines that are powerful and quiet efficient too. However these machines can cover huge spaces quiet quickly too.

Window cleaning in buildings

When it comes for cleaning the windows and the glasses in huge commercial buildings, the cleaners use a variety of tools to clean in a proper manner. However in domestic cleaning its quiet easy and quick since you basically use a paper tower, water and soap to clean it off.

Mopping floors in Commercial buildings

Its not easy mopping a large area and it does take a lot of time, unlike domestic cleaning. However the commercial cleaners use a premium mop head and buckets that are specifically designed for it. However these mops used by the cleaners are much large and harder. Since its made to mop and clean larger areas.