What to Consider in Selecting an Indoor Stylist

A lot of people are of the impression that indoor stylists only work with the rich and famous. This is the very reason most of them stay away from getting professional help when it comes to creating the perfect interiors for their homes or offices. However this trend is slowly changing and you see average people also hiring help to decorate their homes and other interiors. They have come to realise that an indoor stylist can really help them complete a total project or even help with simple suggestions such as the type of paint to use and the colour combinations to go with.

Let’s look at some factors to consider when you need to hire such a professional. For someone who has not worked with such as person this list of factors no doubt will really help.

  • Research: read and try to find out as much as possible about the person or persons you hope to hire. After all they are total strangers and you need to be able to trust them with the projects at hand. Even if they are rated as the best interior designer singapore, it is a good thing to do background research to determine what makes them the best and what their work ethic is like.

  • Sourcing decorators: similar to hiring professional workers, you need to know where to look to find the right candidate. However simply doing an online search or going through the telephone directory is not likely to provide you with the best solutions. Therefore it is recommended that you look in other avenues to identify the best possible candidates for the job. Some avenues you can consider are local magazines that cater to interior decorating or even visit places that showcase indoor decorating ideas and styles. Alternatively you can visit fairs and conventions that focus on home decor and styling ideas and get details of the individuals who have come up with the ideas. In this way you get to meet real people and determine if they can meet your design criteria.


  • Recommendations: once you locate one or two candidates it is always a good idea to get recommendations to determine if they are the right individuals for the job. Alternatively you can look up the local design authority for their members and try to contact them as well. Being part of a professional body would add to their credibility.

  • Budget: another important aspect to consider is the budget. When you look at the project that you hope to complete, you need to come up with a planned budget that you can work with. This will also help you in locating a stylist that can work within your means.

These are a few criteria to look to in selecting a stylist for your project.