Decorating your living room


Having your own space is definitely a very exciting achievement that every homeowner is proud of. What is ever more exciting is decorating the interior of your newly built home. The living room being one of the most significant spaces in a house can either look amazing or dull and boring. In order to give your living room the best makeover you might want to consider about the modern trends, what to do and what not to do and do a little research before you start purchasing all the items. Not to worry cause we have some great tips to help you out.

Colorful walls


Many people tend to think that the walls in a living room must be one single, plain color. But is this really true? Well, truth be told, one of the best way to brighten up your living room space is to add a splash of color to your walls. You can color one side of the  wall like the centre part or you can choose one single color to fill the whole place instead of white. However, be cautious as some tend to over do it by bringing in a bright color like red. Try to avoid red flags and instead go for subtle colors, perhaps from a pastel color palette if you are going for a single color or you can go for some calm or cool color like green, blue or even turquoise for a single section of the space.




Hang something in your wall to give a bit of a glam. You can opt for a collection like some ceramic plates, a collection of photographs, fans or so or else you can opt for a single eye-catching element like a painting from abstract oil painting sale singapore. Either way make sure you don’t hide it away, make it the diva of the room.



Homes can be a bit too concrete that lacks nature. In such a situation to avoid the contemporary city vibe you can add some greenery. Hanging plants have become a thing due to its artsy nature and the manner in which it brings out the natural element. Huge indoor plants in a corner might do as well. Or else, you can opt for the typical tiny vase as the coffee table centre piece. Keep it simple and keep it natural.


Decorating your living room space can be tricky but with the right tips and tricks it will end up being absolutely amazing. Give your guests the gist of the home with your living room space by decorating it just right.