DIY ideas to decorate your home

Decorating your home does not really need to be that expensive. Sometimes, all you need is a little creativity, and proper planning in order to make things work. If you find your home to be just plain boring or have a some spare time to do the decorations yourself, then these are some of the decorative ideas that you could do in order to improve your home’s overall design and as if turn it into a new one.

Turn old clothes into rugs

If you have old and tattered clothes that needs to be thrown away or be donated, instead of doing so right away, you could braid it together and turn it into rugs or small caosters for your cups. It won’t even require too much of your sewing skills in order to bind it together.



A lot of people have now been more appreciative of nature and have been more involved in fusing it into a decorative design for their home. Diy terrarium  have been one of the popular decors that people have been placing in their house. It goes well in any home, as well as fits perfectly for people who are more inclined towards minimalistic design.


Beat up tires into furniture

Old and stubby tires that seems to have no use for your car can still be turned into your backyard furniture. Most of the tires that are thrown away gets dumped in the landfill, and others end up in other places such as the sea which are harmful to the environment, especially when these are melted down to be recycled. Carving up and binding together the tires can take a while but the result can be amazing for your garden.


Mason jars

You can do a lot with mason jars, just put your creativity into it. These mason jars can be repurposed into hanging pots for or vase for your indoor flowers and plants, lights, holders, and so on.. Mason jars vary from its sizes which makes it ideal for your next organizer.

Drift woods

You can create different things from drift woods which depends on the size that you are able to get. These could be turned into shelves, wall hangers, use it as a stencil to paint a room, and the list goes on.


When it comes to decorations, all you need is perspective, determination, and a vision that you want in order to satisfy what you truly want your home to have. Redecorating your home does not need to be expensive nor will you need a professional to do it.