How to design your home like a pro

The interior in a home speaks the sort of person you are. If it has a messy look, then you can bet that the image portrayed to any person that visits your home is that you are messy person. However, let’s be real, none of us want to create such an image even though it may be slightly true. By, designing your home right you can create a completely different outlook for your home. One that might even be far from its reality. Nonetheless, here are some tips you could use to design your home like a pro.

Get inspiration

There are so many magazines, online websites and other platforms that you could easily use today as an inspiration to do your home. While hiring retail interior design singapore might also be the perfect alternative, sometimes being able to work out things on your work just adds an extra touch to everything. Find those that you think would suit the best for your home, and try recreating in your space.

Find the right shades

The colour palette that you use to decorate your home plays a huge part in creating a vibe or ‘the look’ to your place. The trick here is to use a three colour palette or shades. Use one main colour to adorn the walls with, a different colour for larger things like chairs and couches and finally another colour on things like the pillows, vases and whatnot. However, do keep in mind that regardless of whichever shade you use make sure that you select one that goes with your space and manages to bring enough light to it. For an example if your space is small yet you choose to go all bold with the shades, chances are house would dingy and dark. So consider the size of the space that you own as well and then select the right colour.

Texture is key

Different forms of material add lot more value to your home especially in terms of design. So if you have a room painted in white plush velvet chair, shiny cushions and may be even a fur blanket to create a range of textural differences even though at large you would probably see just one colour being used the most.

Include flowers

There is literally nothing that can spark any room like a bunch of flowers on display. Adding a natural touch in a house is always something that is recommended in most design books. So if you can combine natural flowers with other little elements of nature like rocks and whatnot, you can guarantee that your home has that natural feel to it.

So try the above tips and give your home a much deserved designer makeover!