How to Establish Good Feng Shui in Your Home

When that time of the year comes and you make preparations to begin your spring cleaning it’s often advised to reorganize and reinvigorate your house give the house a decent renovation to upkeep its value as well for you to procure a comfortable living. Now days with its rapidly gaining popularity many individuals around the world are keen on using the teachings of Feng shui. In order to gain a more peaceful and harmonious outlook to their house. Shown below are some of the simple Feng shui home décor tips that will initially increase the positive energy within your house.

Ensure That a Good Quality of Light and Air Flow Through

To ensure that chi brings upon good luck, health and wealth first and foremost you should do a thorough DE cluttering in your home once you have gotten rid of all the excess unwanted stuff take measures to make sure to establish a constant flow of vibrant good energy throughout the home. Maximize the output of light by keepings mirrors, glass ornaments and windows clean. Open your windows to enhance the flow of air and natural light. It also wouldn’t hurt to introduce some eco-friendly Feng shui air purifying plants.

Place a Feng Shui Fountain

Water is a basic representative of wealth in Feng shui. Based on the teachings of Feng shui it is beneficial to leave a constantly flowing water component for instance a fountain close to the very entrance of your residence. The fountain can be placed either inside or outside but make sure to set the fountain in an angle in which the water would be flowing towards the heart of your house. The centered flow of water resembles that wealth could be pouring into your life. Interested in adding some Feng shui into your home and feeling a little over whelmed? Online Feng shui consultation Singapore are at your disposal to provide you with any and every assistance needed and will help you to create and maintain a prosperous blessed house through the principles of Feng shui.

Add plants

For a filtered, cleaner and healthier environment the addition of plants is a must. Plants has the ability to attract vigorous energy due to their healthy life force. According to Feng shui some plants are conceded better and luckier than the others such as Boston fern, Lucky Bamboo, English Ivy, Peace Lily etc… While plants such as cactus are considered to bring upon negative energy.

Balance of Yin and Yang   

It’s a well-known concept both the Yin and Yang symbolizes that two opposing but connected forces with yin being the feminine and yang being the masculine. World is essentially created with balance where the force of light and dark, day and night cannot exist without the other. Feng shui urges you to use this concept when it comes to decorating your house. Establish a balanced design and concept when it comes to your home renovation or building in order for your house to be a beacon of positive chi.