Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Mice bring disease and various other problems into your household. Of course they are your uninvited guests so how do you get rid of them? Mice can survive in even the most difficult conditions, be it warm or freezing cold, below sea level or above, these mice can live as long as they want. Also, they reproduce extremely fast and hence will take over your entire home in no time. To ensure your home is mice free, here are some things you can do.

  1. Eliminate entry points

Before you eliminate the mice inside the house, you need to stop more from entering your home since if not, all your efforts will be a waste if a new set of mice march in. So, seal all places of entry and easy access. The sad news is that these creatures can squeeze in through a hole as small as quarter inch wide as it can contract its body to fit in through holes you could never imagine so the good rule of thumb is if a pencil can fit a hole, a mouse can get in through it. Use steel wool and caulking as they can easily gnaw through plastic, rubber, wood or other substance. Seal cracks in the foundation especially in the basement, any cracks on walls that is in contact with the external environment, any damaged areas in utility pipes and vents etc.

  • Use mouse traps or call pest control

Mouse traps are appropriate if you have just one or two around the house, but if you have more than that, there are high chances that an entire colony is living around the house somewhere. This is when you have to call the pest control guys. Mice and rat control Mornington Peninsula are the way to go if you want a complete cleaning of your home. If you are using traps, there are ones that aren’t exactly the traditional rat traps that kill the rat when caught, but rather there are cage-like designs that close the door shut when a mouse walks into it. This way, you won’t feel bad for killing the rodents.

  • Keep your house clean

Poor sanitation is the most common reason to attract mice and other rodents. It is vital that you keep your house clean at all times. Seal away food items in cupboards that rodents cannot enter, do not leave food particles lying on the counter top, do not take food to your rooms, always clean the table and counter tops etc.