Creating a garden terrace for relaxation

When you have an outdoor space, it would be a shame not to arrange it. It is true that the weather does not allow us to enjoy it all year round, however, in summer, the outdoor spaces can turn into real relaxation areas. How to set up your garden terrace as a relaxation area? What furniture to place there? We tell you everything you need to know on the subject.

  1. One space, several options

Several types of relaxation areas can be created on a garden terrace layout. Indeed, the followers of idleness in isolation and the followers of the big receptions will not have the same needs. Here, you will have to define your own desires. What is a relaxation area in your eyes? How will you use this space? Then, you can gradually build your relaxing terrace around this starting point. A terrace can be a space where you rest, where you take a nap. A terrace can also be a space where dinners are held with friends and family. Finally, it can be a place where we settle in the afternoon, for a snack or to play cards for example. 

  • The terrace furniture

Unlike a balcony, a garden terrace can bear a lot of weight since it rests directly on the ground and hence your choices are endless, but be careful not to damage the coating you have chosen for the floor of your terrace. Then you will need to furnish your space according to your needs. Do you want to create a lazy space? So invest in sunbathing to fully enjoy your relaxing break. Also set up an outdoor dining table so you can enjoy meals with family. See the different and wonderful types here.

  • The day version terrace and the night version terrace

Whatever your needs, your terrace must be functional day and night. For the day, remember to protect your patio decor from the sun. Here, your protection can even be used as decoration. For example, install a wooden pergola structure on which you will run climbing plants. Not only will these decorate your terrace wonderfully, but they will also protect you pleasantly from the heat and the sun.

If this style is not to your liking, then prefer to install a large parasol of a color similar to that of your decoration. At night, think about installing enough lighting. Also install candles, securely in candle jars so that at night they will give a little magical effect to your terrace. Finally, don’t forget to protect yourself from mosquitoes. To do this, take lemongrass candles. Also, some lamps can serve as both lighting and insect traps.