The Different Kinds of Rugs on The Market

Nowadays, whether you want to enhance your floors or carpet them, rugs never get out of style. The variety of choices available in the rugs has given its users the winning edge. From colours, textures to styles and designs you can find the ideal match for your room’s interior. There are several factors why rugs are considered to be an essential item in interior designing plan. Below mentioned are a few factors that show why.

How does a rug impact a space?

  • Quickly fixes dull interior
  • It is compelling, decorative, and beneficial for a daily lifestyle. For instance, rugs provide all-time warmth to the feet.
  • They visually separate larger rooms.
  • With vibrant colours, the rugs are used to create harmony and peace.
  • Area rugs are an addition to compliment your luxurious upholstery furniture and fittings. Thus, bringing elegance in more modest ways. 
  • Boost the interior design of your house.
  • Support in high traffic areas.
  • Protect the flooring from scratches and damages

And much more. The above mentioned are a few factors why interior designers do not ever miss out on placing a rug.

However, there are individual types of rugs used for each room type. Keep reading below to find out which type of rugs suits the room you want to enhance.

What are the types of rugs?

Area Rugs:

Perhaps, it is the most common type of rug in every home. These area rugs are usually, used to provide a focal point for your living room or family room. Moreover, these rugs come in any colour, style, and shape; though, the rectangle shape is widely used.

Runner rugs:

Indeed,this rug type is long and lengthy. Hallway rugs are also known as the runner rug. The runner rugs are ideal for placing in hallways, doorways and, stairways, which are areas with high traffic. Furthermore, it not only creates an artistic look but also paves the way for visitors.

Persian rugs:

Famous for centuries long, the Persian rugs are the most stylish ones for your home decor. What distinguish these rugs from the rest are as follows;

  • The material used to make the rug
  • The dyes 
  • The knot counts

However, in general, these rugs are classified by region of origin. Iran, to date, is famously known for the production of hand-woven Persian rugs. Perhaps, this type of rug is suitable for those who want to nail an interior with an ancient look- ensuring a rich and luxurious outlook. 

Outdoor rugs:

If you can use rugs indoors, why not outdoors? These outdoor rugs complement your whole building at a very friendly cost. Thus, to decorate the exterior, there are waterproof rugs available. However, it can be a little tricky to choose a rug for the outdoors in comparison to the interior. Though, keep in mind to be not too loud with the selection. These rugs should match your exterior, but not distract. 

Flokati Rugs:

Flokati Rugs is a general name for a few rug types, such as; traditional rugs, contemporary rugs, modern rugs, and classic rugs. These rugs are ideal for photography purposes.