Ways On How To Take Care Of Your Wooden Table

Taking care of the wooden table is one of the neglected chores inside the home. Wood is the common material for the dining tables. If it gets damaged, you will need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a new one to replace it. As such, we all want our tables to look good and serve its functions for a long period of time. Here are effective ways on how to take care of your wooden table:

Dust the Table Often

The small particles of dust can be harmless. But if it builds upon the solid wood bench, it can scratch the finish of the wood. With this, it is best to dust the table once a week using a lint-free and soft cloth. You can use an old t-shirt or cheesecloth to do this. Avoid using commercial dust polish because it contains silicone. It can soak on the wood grain and damage it permanently. Instead, dampen the cloth with some water. You can also use a microfiber cloth that will remove the dust particles effectively on the table.


Rub with Mayonnaise

If you see watermark rings from the wet glasses sitting above the tabletop, there are chances that it’s in the wax and not on the wood. You can rub mayonnaise on it to get rid of the watermarks right away.


Be Aware of Placements

Be sure that you don’t place the wood dining table next to a heat register or radiator. The rising temperature can damage the wood by splitting or warping it. Moreover, place the extra leaves near the table. With this, you can make sure that the leaves will not swell or warp differently from other parts of the table. If you place the leaf in the basement or in the attic, the temperature and moisture differential can vary from that of the major part of the table.


Watch Out the Humidity Levels

Just like other types of woodwork inside the house, make sure to control the humidity level inside your home from 40 to 45% only. Lower moisture level can crack the wood. Meanwhile, if it’s higher, it can cause swelling on it. This can mean using a humidifier during winter and a de-humidifier during summer.

Shine the Table

Just like what is stated above, do not use a commercial product with silicone. You can polish the table with carnauba wax. Using the lint-free cloths, apply the wax on the table. It will require some elbow grease, but luckily, this task will need you to do this for twice a year only.